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Glad you're here. The Quote Service zitat-service.de provides you with a personalized collection of quotes sorted by authors and categories. After logging in, you can create your own quotes. We have already collected 1.427 quotes from 563 authors and organized them into 582 categories. Our service has been available since 2007 and is completely free of charge and ad-free.

If you would like to embed our quotes on your own homepage, you can find instructions on how to do so at Embed.


To return to the home page of the web application, simply click on the logo Logo in the top left corner. There you have e.g. a text search over all quotes.

Creating a quote is shown.
Example: Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne ...

Language Selection

By clicking on the flag, you can select the desired language.
Direct access is also possible, e.g., for English with:


In the list of quotes, you can view all the details of a quote by clicking on the eye Eye. If you are logged in, you can enter new quotes. You can only modify your own quotes with the pencil Pencil or delete them with the red cross Red cross.

When adding a new quote, you can select the author by typing the first letters of their last name. If you do not know the author, simply leave the field blank.

Please provide the original source for your quote, such as the book title. If you know of a document on the internet where the quote can be found in the original text, please provide the link. Do not link to pages where you can buy the book or other information.

You can assign as many categories to your quote as you like. Categories that have already been found as words in the quote can be added with a click on the lightning bolt Lightning bolt icon.

If you find that an author or category is missing, you can add them yourself. Click on Create Author or Create Category. Afterwards you can add the author or category by editing your quote.

Please note that quotes are also subject to German copyright law. This means that copyrighted works may not be used without the author's permission. Individual quotes are allowed, but there should be no more than five to ten quotes per author. When it comes to translations, keep in mind that the translator enjoys copyright protection just like an author.

To use a quote in accordance with copyright law, you must provide a source citation. This usually consists of the book title, publication year, and page number.

As there have been reports of cease and desist orders, we do not accept quotes from Karl Valentin, Erich Kästner, or Heinz Erhardt (see, for example, Karl Valentin und die Anwälte, WDR 2012).

Quotes from authors who have been deceased for more than 70 years are in the public domain and can be used freely.


In our collection, all quotes are assigned to specific topics, such as Glück (Happiness), Mensch (Human) or Lächeln (Smile). A quote can be assigned to multiple categories. You can view all the created categories. When you click on the eye Eye, you can see further details about a category. If you have created a category yourself, you can also modify it by clicking on the pencil Pencil.

You can delete a category you've created by clicking on the red cross red cross as long as the category doesn't contain any quotes or comments.


When you view the list of authors, you can click on the eye Eye to see more details about an author. If you have created an author yourself, you can edit them using the pencil Pencil. You can also see how many quotes are assigned to an author and display all quotes from that author.

You can delete an author entry you've created by clicking on the red cross red cross as long as it doesn't contain any quotes or comments.


Quotes, authors, and categories can be commented on. To add comments yourself, you must be logged in. The comments are marked in the currently used language. Your own comments can also be changed or deleted. The following guidelines apply:

  1. Be respectful: Avoid offensive, aggressive, or derogatory language. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and it's important to respect these differences.
  2. Stay on topic: Comments should relate to the quotes, authors, categories, or the respective discussion.
  3. No spam or advertising: Comments advertising products, services, or other websites will be deleted.
  4. Protect your privacy: Do not disclose personal information such as phone number or email address in comments.
  5. No hate speech: Comments promoting hate or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age will be deleted.
  6. Use appropriate language: Avoid vulgar or obscene expressions.
  7. No illegal content: Sharing or promoting illegal content is not allowed.

The administrators reserve the right to modify or delete comments that violate these guidelines.


When you add new quotes, categories, or authors, they are initially visible only to you. An administrator must approve them before they become visible to everyone. If you make further changes later, they will again be visible only to you until an administrator approves them again. This restriction is intended to prevent quotes from being misused on websites.

Errors or Extensions

If you discover a bug or want a feature enhancement, please create an issue for us. We will address your concern as soon as possible.