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Using Quotes in Joomla! Logo

This page describes how to use random quotations from www.zitat-service.de in CMS Joomla!. Free and w/o ad's you can display randomized quotes from whole collection, only from selected author, only from selected category or from your own uploaded quotes. Most quotes are in German, but you have a nice selection of English quotations with category 'English'.

Joomla! 2.5 Extension Manager

Joomla! Versions 1.6 ... 3.0 Joomla! 1.6 kompatibelJoomla! 1.7 kompatibelJoomla! 2.5 kompatibelJoomla! 3.0 kompatibel

Module version 1.3 from April, 4th 2013. Open Joomla! administration, switch to the extension manager and install module from following URL:

Joomla! 2.5 Module Manager

Next go to Modules in Extensions and choose module zitat-service.de. Select desired 'Position', e.g. atomic-sidebar. Change 'Status' to 'Published' and assign module to pages, e.g. 'On all pages'. Save & Close.

With base options you can:

Advanced parameters are:

Joomla! 1.5 Modulparameter

Joomla! Version 1.5 Joomla! 1.5 kompatibel

Last module version is 1.2.1 from December, 10th 2010: Installation and configuration is the same, but you have to use:

Joomla! Version 1.0 Joomla! 1.0 Native

Last module version is 1.1.2 from May, 13th 2009: Installation and configuration is the same, but you have to use:

Styling Quotations Look

Look and formating of the displayed quotation can be customized with cascading stylesheets (CSS). Class quote div container enclosed the whole quotation. Inside are two div containers with classes quotation for the quote itself and source for quotations author and source. The following sample removes standard underline link formating, uses larger font size for the quotation and uses font color gray for quotations author and source.

div.quote * a {
  color: black;
  font-size: larger;
div.quote div.source, div.quote div.source a {
  color: gray;

You have to add the CSS lines to your Joomla template (i.e. for beez the file templates/beez/css/template.css).


Are you using English quotes? Please let me know to add your site as sample.

Errors or Enhancements

Did you find an error? Or do you wish to have a new feature? Please open a GitHub issue.

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